Pastoral Council

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The Pastoral Council is the primary consultative body on matters involving parish planning and policy.

Maggie Zeiler, Pastoral Council President

Elliott Bauer, Vice President
Julie Metzger, Secretary
Tim Campisano, Finance
Kristie Thieman, Stewardship
Chip Duncan, Worship
Steve Embry, Formation
Rocco Pigneri, Social Concerns
Megan Kelley, School Board

Judy Stewart
Sara Weiter
Rusty Varisco
Lucy Strong
Madonna Stinson
Lisa Kros


The Pastoral Council serves as a consultative body to the pastor (Canon 536). It is a wisdom body, charged with assisting the pastor in visioning, planning and overseeing the pastoral mission of the parish.


Number and Qualifications:
The membership of the Parish Council consists of the pastor, nine (9) persons from the parish at large, a representative from the School Advisory Board, and a representative from each of the major parish clusters.  (The clusters currently to be included are: Administration / Stewardship; Lifelong Learning; Parish Life; Social Concerns; Worship.)

Qualifications for membership:

  • A baptized and practicing Catholic at least 18 years old.
  • Registered member of the parish called to the important work of furthering the mission and spiritual growth of the parish community
  • Willingness to commit their gifts of time, talent and wisdom in a consultative and collaborative manner

Manner of Selection:

  • In the spring of each year and in sufficient time before Pentecost Sunday, written nominations for at-large vacancies on the Parish Council will be solicited from members of the parish.
  • Persons who accept nomination and who are eligible to serve will be invited to an orientation meeting and will be asked to complete a biographical form.
  • The names of qualified applicants will be placed in a pool from which names will be drawn at random by the pastor on Pentecost Sunday.
  • Appointed Members.
  • Cluster Representatives are appointed from those currently involved in each cluster by the Pastor in consultation with the outgoing cluster representative and the Pastoral Team Liaison to the cluster.
  • The representative of the School Advisory Board is appointed by the President of the School Board in consultation with the principal.



The Council meets on the 4th Tuesday of most months

Decision Making:
Generally, meetings are conducted informally with a goal of decision-making by consensus, but Robert’s Rules of Order may be invoked at the discretion of the President.


Find Us

St. Patrick Catholic Church
1000 N. Beckley Station Road
Louisville, KY 40245
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Parish Office:
Phone: 502-244-6083

7:30 am to 5:00 pm


Rev. Jeffrey P. Shooner


 Associate Pastor:
Rev. Adam Carrico


Senior Associate Pastor:
Rev. Robert E. Osborne


Deacon Gregory M. Gitschier
Deacon Scott R. Haner
Deacon Mark J. Rougeux, D. Min

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