Policies and Procedures

Criteria for membership into the Catholic Community of Saint Patrick is as follows:

  1. Parishioners are Catholics who have completed and submitted a new parishioner packet to the parish office.
  2. Parishioners faithfully attend Mass at Saint Patrick.
  3. Parishioners demonstrate their gratitude to God by completing and fulfilling an Annual Stewardship pledge to share a portion of their time, talents, and treasure to the Catholic Community of Saint Patrick.

The date of registration with the parish and stewardship activity will normally determine the order of admission into our parish-school.

For Kindergarten, the information gathered from the Gesell Developmental Readiness Evaluation will be used in addition to the date of parish registration and stewardship activity to determine the order of admission.

For Junior Kindergarten, the same criteria are followed as for Kindergarten. The Junior Kindergarten program is designed for children who will be five years old by August 1st, that will benefit from an additional year of educational development before entering Kindergarten.

For Grades 1 through 8, in addition to your parish registration date and stewardship activity, a conference with the Principal or a member of the leadership team may be necessary (especially for grades 6-8) to determine admission.

Order of Priority:

1. Registered Parishioners who have:

  • Kindergarten eligible families that delayed the start of Kindergarten, the previous year, at the recommendation of Saint Patrick Catholic School’s administrators and Junior Kindergarten students advancing into Kindergarten.
  • Children who are the oldest child.
  • Children who have a sibling currently enrolled in (or a graduate of) Saint Patrick Catholic School.
  • Children presently participating in the PREP (Religious Education) program at Saint Patrick Parish.
  • Children of newly registered families who were enrolled in a Catholic school at their former address or participated in a religious education program.
  • Children enrolled in another school, but not enrolled in PREP/CCD.

2. Non-Parish Families and Non-Catholics

  • Children of a faculty member in the Catholic School system.
  • Children with a sibling enrolled in (or graduate of) St. Patrick School.
  • Children of a Catholic family.
  • Other children at the discretion of the Principal and the Pastor.

Admissions Calendar

Mid-August to Mid-January

  • Contact the school office to set up a tour, meet with the principal, or just or simply ask about the amazing St. Patrick Catholic School experience.


  • Attend the annual Open House at St. Patrick Catholic School.
  • All families receive information about the admissions and pre-registration process in the mail.


  • Pre-registration is held in Schindler Hall. For incoming JK-1st grade students, we will schedule a Gessel screening.


  • Acceptance letters are mailed. For incoming JK-1st grade students, this mailing includes an overall summary of the Gessel results.


  • Financial aid applications are due at FACTS.


  • A welcome night is held in Schindler Hall for all new school families.

At any point in the process, we invite you to call our school office for a tour, to meet with our admissions coordinator or principal, or just simply to hear more about the advantages of a St. Patrick Catholic School education.